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The Willows Whisper

The willows whisper words of wonder,
Breezes bending boughs above.
Safe from strife, no threat of thunder
While I wait for the one I love.


Ghoul night, sweetheart

Way down
behind the stairs
deep in the basement
where nobody dares

To venture
so few, it’s likely,
will ever see

A coffin
it’s flung open wide
and covered in dirt
yet there’s no corpse inside

It’s walking
two floors above
coming to find you
to show you some love

It will kill you:
squeeze you tight
choke you with screams
suffocate you with fright

You will lie there
among the cobwebs
until night is over
and darkness ebbs

In the morning
your body will rise
shuffle downstairs
far from curious eyes

Climb into the coffin
and sleep through the light;
then darkness will summon up
two ghouls tonight