Real Life Haiku #4

Running from the cops
I jump over someone’s fence
Straight into their pool


6 thoughts on “Real Life Haiku #4

  1. iWriter

    I tried running from the cops on a 3-wheeler in the suburbs. I cut through the left side of someone’s lawn, planning on coming around the right side of the house, then back in the direction I came from. Except there was one little problem. There was a boat and a wood fence on the right side. Oops! (doink!) The punishment wasn’t too bad. The cop made me push the ATV home (a few miles away), gave me a warning ticket, scolded me, and told my parents (worse). I was fifteen.

    On a side note, I hope karma doesn’t return to haunt me with a similar incident, my son is getting close to 15.

      1. iWriter

        Well dad was a police officer in GA, so that helped. Stupid of me really, in so many ways. But we’re blind to that at fifteen. Thanks for responding and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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