Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps
her eyes open and rolls out of bed.
She cracks an egg over the frying pan
and makes a quick omelet. Then

Ginger snaps
her seat belt into place and sets off for work.
A car cuts her off merging onto the freeway
and she murders her horn. In the office,

Ginger snaps
her neck around to glare at her noisy coworkers.
It’s someone’s birthday and they’re all eating cake.
She tries to get back to work.
But she can’t ignore them, so

Ginger snaps
her fingers to get everyone’s attention.
Then Ginger snaps
at the revelers to take their party elsewhere.
Birthday boy tells her to lighten up and
Ginger really snaps…

Ginger snaps
his suspenders against his chest and
Ginger stomps
on his feet and
Ginger slaps
the bemused look off of his face and

Ginger snaps out of her daydream.
She knows she’s too worked up to get anything done so
Ginger snaps her briefcase shut and
Ginger slams her car door.
Ginger speeds home.

Ginger snaps
open a novel and her rage begins to die.
Lying comfortably under a blanket on the couch,
Ginger snacks
on ginger snaps,
until Ginger naps.



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