To the Point.

This is a piece I wrote during the creative writing course I took during my senior year of college. We were tasked with writing a Ghazal-style poem, and this is what I came up with. I hope it gets the point across!


Let’s raise our glasses to the Point,
Without which we’d never have come to this point.

It ends our sentences. Suspends our thoughts…
Begins our lists: adds the pop to an exclamation point!

In competitions the only way to win
Is to come away with the most points.

Newton and van Gogh harnessed its power,
Honed its potential to a sharp point.

A balanced diet and plenty of love
Are the best way to raise a good point.

Lines stretch forever in one dimension
Composed of infinitely many (defined by two) points.

You see how the Point will always be there?
Look! It’s never going to disappoint!

Alright, R. Guile, I see what you’re getting at,
Now settle down. It’s impolite to point.






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